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Meat&Doria is the best choice for filtration and fuel injection systems as during the past years it has proven to be a strongly motivated company, which pays particular attention in R+D and new technologies. Its first priority has always been the high quality of its products, from production through to distribution. Only a small example of this emphasis is the fact that all of its products carry ISO certification. Meat&Doria is based in Italy however, its collaborations expand in many other countries in and outside Europe. The client network is rapidly expanding making the Meat&Doria brand one of the most recognizable in the field.In a time of increased turbulence in the competitive environment, the Meat&Doria team is continuously looking into finding the best ways to meet customers’ needs and expectations.


Two world recognized brands

M&D Group products are distributed around the world in two different brands. The first one is Meat&Doria characterized by blue coloured packaging and a very long tradition in the car part aftermarket. The second brand is Hoffer Products and it is widely recognized by the light green details on product packaging. Both brands are supported by different marketing strategies according to clients and unique market needs.

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