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The Company

Ria World Italia Srl is a young and dynamic company founded in 2007 by Tino Paggiaro , a figure present for over 45 years in the automotive world.

It is precisely Tino’s desire to combine tradition with innovation, which gave rise to the idea of combining the classic incandescent light bulb with LED smd technology for lighting the interior of the cockpits, thus being able to serve well-known car manufacturers and companies of world importance.

To date Ria World Italia Srl boasts several designs and / or projects designed to deal with the problems caused by the electronics of new cars and other problems.


In addition to all these projects, a search is constantly being made for new products, in order to give customers the news before the competitors; this has led the company to over 1,000 product codes.

The new items, before being placed on the market, are always tested by technical staff. Ria World Italia Srl, guarantees the quality and reliability of the products, gives its customers technical support with information, technical data and solutions to the various problems that may arise.

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